Sunday, February 28, 2010

Temari Cafe

Okay, I really have to learn. Went to Temari Cafe which is right down the street. I ordered a bowl of tuna donburi with avocado. It was awesome. So awesome that its' gravitational pull dragged me into it before I could take a picture. Below, pre-game beer and rice crackers.

They have a very clever gimmick of running authentic Japanese food themed shows to whet your appetite. A lot of them have Japanese celebrities on them. Naturally, I have no idea what they're saying but the food looks delicious.

The simple soy sauce dressing they make is amazing. I wonder if I could get the recipe.....

This place is a true izakaya; a small, casual watering hole that serves drinks and offers a simple menu. This place is popular with Japanese who live in the area. He makes all sorts of classic Japanese comfort foods like Wafu Hamburg Steak, curry, and omlettes (I know I spelled that wrong). There's the good luck kitty waving people into the restaurant. I bumped into Senator Inoue here once.

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