Thursday, February 25, 2010

Um, I stand corrected.....

Apparently, my review of Weird Japanese Snack #12 invoked the ire of my easily irritated friend Scot. Below, the email I received yesterday.

"Jeez, I just read your blog entry on the snack I brought you. Thanks for all those nice things you said about my trip! Fyi: The meeting was in Jakarta, not Bali, and that place is no picnic. Huge, crowded, polluted, 24 hour traffic, and periodic bombings so everything is behind security barriers and armed guards. It wasn't a boondogle conference. We sat with a dozen AID and Indonesian counterparts and hashed out 5-year work plans that we had spent the previous 8 months trying to negotiate on line. For once I would agree that the only way to get it done properly was face to face. Sound fun? The meeting went on for four days with a weekend in between. During that weekend I flew to Bali on my own expense. The lucky overnight layover was on the way in. I liked the mention of us Gaijin being shooed out of the first restaurant we tried, that's true. On the way back I had a ~7 hour layover at the airport and I spent 5 hours in a tiny hotel room. It was great. Just before my flight I went to a sushi bar, which to be honest was better than the two places I went to outside the airport. I got your snack just before catching the flight home. I thought for sure that you'd mention "Mr. Sparkle" from the Simpsons. The image on the package looks just like it and that's the whole reason I got it for you!

I think your blog is stupid
I still have another packet of those snacks. You want them?"

Ain't he a sweetie! Luvit. Thanks Scot. That was priceless. And yeah, I'll take those snacks. The neighbor's cat loves 'em.
He just sent this: "Man, that guy's an ass! One last caveat is that my comment on the tiny hotel room sounds like sarcasm but it really WAS great and part of the whole Japan experience. "

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